The Ultimate Guide To Popcorn Ceilings Removal, Painting & Cleaning

I have written this article to help you understand the history of popcorn (also called acoustic, cottage cheese, cork or orange peel) ceilings. Then I will show you how to remove popcorn ceilings that are applied over drywall and the steps necessary to prepare the surface for painting. For those of you who still desire an original, authentic popcorn ceiling, I provide tips on how to paint your popcorn ceiling.


The materials used to install popcorn ceilings are primarily drywall, plaster or cement and joint compound. Then came the age of drywall. Drywall is made from gypsum , a naturally occurring mineral. Drywall is manufactured from slurry gypsum plaster, a mixture of water and ground up gypsum. It looks like powdered sugar. This “slurry” is mixed with other additives to form drywall panels, which are then cut to size in large pieces or sheets using drywall cutting machines.

Drywall was invented during World War II. It is made from gypsum, a naturally occurring mineral. To make drywall a slurry of gypsum and additives is mixed with an adhesive component to form panels which are cut to size in large pieces or sheets using drywall cutting machines.

What is a popcorn ceiling?

A popcorn ceiling, also known as a textured ceiling, is a type of acoustical ceiling that has a rough or bumpy surface. In the past it was installed in many homes both as an economical alternative to central heating and air conditioning ductwork and as insulation from noise from above. The name is derived from the resemblance to the snack food.

Painting & Cleaning

When you paint a house, it’s not just the walls that are affected. Painting your home is something that should be considered carefully, especially when you’re painting for the first time. Not only can you change or enhance the style of your home, but it also has an effect on the environment around you.

Besides the color, one of the things that you need to consider is how  clean you want your house when it’s complete.  For example, if there was a lot of dirt in your home, painting will expose some of it making it unattractive to look at.

Typically what happens is that homeowners have a new paint job done, and they’re happy with it for a few years.  After that, they tend to think of upgrading the look of their homes by repainting or changing colors. Paint is an inexpensive way of changing the interior or exterior style of your house.

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