Things to Remember Before Painting Your House

Whether you’re a house owner, house flipper or house renter the house has to be painted eventually. On the bright side, painting your house is not that hard nor expensive as long as you know what you are doing and have the right information on how to get it done. At Ethereal Painters we always put our customers first. Voted Best Painters in Vancouver, you know you are getting the quality you deserve.

Listed below are things for consideration before having your house painted:

Before hiring painters :

1) Always ask for previous clients of the painter. Ask them about their experience with him/her, their satisfaction level and if they would hire this person again in case another home needs renovating;

2) When choosing a professional house painter look at his/her portfolio first then proceed to other important details like pricing based on square feet, time of completion or materials;

3) Make sure that the house painter is registered with your province’s department of labor and industries or EPA and has insurance to cover any house damage case.

After hiring house painters:

1) If there was a contract signed by both parties make sure they can supply you with names, addresses and phone numbers of their house painting contractors; You might need them for consult in future cases when your house paintings need fixing; ;

2) If a house painter failed to do what he/she has been hired to do call him/her on it immediately. This could save you harassments from other house painters who will attempt to get their hands on your house painting project;

3) Moving furniture is not house painter’s job. Therefore, make sure you have movers or friends help you with this task before house painters arrive; ;

4) If house painter failed to show up to the appointed day and time call him/her immediately! If he/she was occupied you will be happy to know that he/she is a responsible house painter who can take care of your house paint job on his/her own terms;

5) While preparing for house painting: – remove any superficial objects attached to the walls like pictures, wall clocks and other movable home decor items (they could get damaged by house painters); – cover up curtains (unless they are new ones that house painters can clean with paint) and blinds; – house painter will need access to water, electricity supply, gas-piping and any other house building materials. Make sure there are no problems with any of these house utilities as they could be damaged by house painting in case they were not turned off;

Before house painters leave your house after the job is finished: check each and every room inside your house for those spots where house paint wasn’t applied to the walls properly or completely. This way you won’t have to hire another house painter next time when needed!

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