Tips for Getting Rid of Paint Fumes

The team at Ethereal Painters wants your newly-painted space to be as enjoyable for you as possible. That is why they have put together some simple tips on how to get rid of paint fumes, so that you can start enjoying your freshly painted home sooner!

1. Open the Windows

After painting a room in your home, open the windows wide to let fresh air freshen up the space. The paint fumes will linger longer if you leave them closed after painting and airing out helps remove odors much faster than leaving them shut for several days.

To decrease the paint fumes in your house, consider opening up all of the windows and closing off one room. By shutting out a single space with its own door, you will be able to keep air flow moving while keeping odors trapped inside that area only.

2. Use Fans

Placing a standing fan or box fans in the corners of the room, pointing them toward open windows with high settings will help get rid of paint fumes faster.If the room that was painted does not have any windows, open up nearby rooms’ windows and point fans in paint-filled room toward them. You can also put more fans in hallways pointing towards other opened doors to increase air flow and decrease odours.

3. Turn on the Air Conditioner

In the summer, you can turn on your AC to increase ventilation. If you have central air, make sure it’s set high and keep running until new air is pumped into your house while pushing out paint fumes. In this scenario, if there are no other options but want fresh circulation without using a fan setting or not having anything at all turned on; push in open windows for some cool breeze that will circulate well-circulated oxygenated air inside of the room with less exposure time (24 hours) than just leaving them closed .

If you are interested in getting rid of toxic fumes and want to know more about our interior painting services, please contact Ethereal Painters at 604-788-3382  or fill out our estimate form. We also provide low odour paints that work on certain surfaces for those with sensitivities to paint smells. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions during the quoting process!