Tips For Getting Rid of Paint Fumes

‘Paint fumes are an unavoidable byproduct of the painting process. If your indoor home or studio is small, you will have to deal with rid paint fumes sooner or later. You should try to minimize your contact with paint fumes as much as possible, and if you do not have a ventilation system installed in your studio use a respirator mask while painting.’

What are some tips for getting rid of paint fumes? Keep reading to find out.
Air Purifiers

Buy air purifiers and place them in the room where you are working to remove paint fumes from the air. You can find these at most hardware stores and home improvement centers. They create a negative ion charge that repels dust, dander, chemicals and smoke particles. Simply put this device somewhere near where you are painting.

An exhaust fan or ventilation system

If your studio is large enough (at least 200 square feet) it might be a good idea to get an exhaust fan or ventilation system installed in your studio. This will ensure that whenever any windows or doors in your work space are open paint fumes cannot enter into your home or workplace. The best way to avoid breathing paint fumes is by creating a “plenum” or air-tight seal between your studio and the rest of your home.

Air Filters

If you have a small space or cannot afford an expensive ventilation system, you can install air filters instead to remove paint fumes from the air. You can find these at any hardware store as well as many big box retailers such as Walmart or Target. Simply plug the filter into an outlet near where you are painting and allow it to run throughout your entire work session to purify the air inside of your home or studio. Make sure that there is nothing else in your house running on this circuit otherwise you may trip a breaker! Use a respirator mask when painting if necessary If all else fails (and especially if you do not have an exhaust fan installed in your home) use a respirator mask. These masks are also available at many hardware stores and big box retailers, usually for around $20-$30 (less if you buy them in bulk). If you suffer from allergies or reactions to certain chemicals paint fumes may cause respiratory problems. Always make sure that the air filter or respirator mask you purchase is designed to capture VOCs and particulates as well as other contaminants such as allergens.

Use a carbon monoxide alarm

Because paint fumes can be one of the byproducts of incomplete combustion, especially when using an oil-based paint, it might be wise to install a carbon monoxide detector in your studio just to be on the safe side. CO detectors are inexpensive enough nowadays that it really is a shame not to have one plugged in somewhere in your studio space. A carbon monoxide detector can save lives, so make sure that yours is always working properly!

Don’t let paint fumes inside of your home!!

When you are done painting for the day, be sure to wrap up all of your brushes and rollers as quickly as possible. Also make sure that you wash any open cans or containers thoroughly before allowing them inside of your home or workplace. In the same vein of thought do not fill up your paint tray with water unless it has some sort of lid on top. Your pets may want to drink out of it when you are done for the day – don’t let them get sick from accidentally drinking paint instead of water.

Adhering to these simple tips can help you to breathe properly while painting! Remember that if you are suffering from a respiratory ailment, such as asthma or emphysema and need more detailed information on how to deal with your condition (outside of just how paint fumes affect your health) be sure to contact Ethereal Painters at 604-505-2745 or fill out our estimate form to receive a FREE quote.