Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring a House Painter (PT 2)

Hungry for more tips? See our part one article here before reading on.

27. Avoid an overspray : Overspray is when material goes past a surface it was supposed to hit and happens on homes with more than one level , more than one door or window in a room . 

28. Be prepared for all different surfaces: When painting an entire house , we have to remember that every wall is different. 

29. Don’t forget primer: Priming has many benefits – it helps prevent stains, evens out light-colored walls (if needed ) , and provides moisture-repellent properties if used over drywall or wood . 

30. How much should I prepare for my house painting project? The best way to prepare for a house painting project is to get an estimate from someone before you start . 

31. Don’t forget to prep your wood trim: Make sure the walls and any adjacent trim are in good shape before starting on a paint job. 

32. The difference between latex and oil paints : Oil-based paints tend to be richer in color, have greater glossing ability , and are harder (and more expensive ) than latex paints . 

33. What kind of paint should I buy? The best kinds of paint are those that provide excellent coverage without making brush strokes or requiring heavy coats . 

34. Choosing the right kind of nozzle : When using spray paint indoors, it’s important to use a high-quality nozzle with adjustable settings for different materials . 

35. Consider hiring a professional : If you choose to hire a professional, make sure they’re qualified and insured in your area . 

36. Don’t forget to buy primer: Make sure you use the right kind of primer for wood (or any other surface) – it’s only going to speed up the project. 

37. Know what color paint will complement my decor: One of the most important factors while choosing paint is selecting the right shade that compliments your existing decor . 

38. What types of brushes do I need?: For interior painting , we should either have natural or synthetic bristles . 

39. Are there any guidelines for cleaning up after painting? It’s a good idea to de-clutter before getting started , as well as clean off all the surfaces that will be painted . 

40. What are the different kinds of paint I can use? There are many types of paints for all kinds of situations – it all depends on what you need your walls for . 

41. How does using regular latex as an exterior paint protect my home? Interior latex has a smoother surface than most oils and is usually easier to clean . 

42. Do I need primer if I’m painting over existing paint?: If you’re painting over existing paint , a good rule is to always prime first, especially with darker colors like red or blue. 

43. How will the weather affect my choice in interior house painters? The temperature outside makes a difference – hot temperatures make surfaces dry faster, while cold temperatures slow drying time down . 

44. What is the best way to choose a good interior house painter? It’s important to ask for enough estimates but not too many estimates – being selective here will make your job easier . 

45. How do I really know what kind of primer I should use?: Look around at different home improvement stores and talk with experts to find out what you need – it helps if you have a certain type in mind. 

46. Should I paint my windowsills or leave them bare? You should paint your walls (and floor) but leave your window sills alone , as they can be susceptible to moisture . 

47. When painting , remember that corners require special attention: Make sure, particularly when doing trim work, that you don’t miss any spots along the edges . 

48. What are the best types of brushes?: Most people prefer to use natural hair for its texture, even softness , and resistance to stretching – which is why it’s most popular among artists . 

49. How do I keep paint from dripping on my furniture?: You should place a plastic drop cloth or sheet over furniture before painting – this will protect your belongings without adding weight . 

50. Do I need any tools before starting? One thing painters need is a good painter ‘s tape: It’s essential for keeping lines straight, especially if you’re doing intricate work . 

51. Don’t forget to clean up after yourself ! When painting , try not to wear clothes you care about – spills happen!


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