Top 5 Paint Colors For Your Home Office

Whether your home office is in the basement, on a spare room or you are lucky to have  an entire space dedicated to your “work area”, it’s important to make sure that this space reflects part of your personality and creates a  “me-time” atmosphere.

Factors to take into account

Just like choosing colors for a bedroom or a living room , there are several factors to take into account when selecting colors for an office: how big is the space? (Remember: light colors will make even the smallest spaces look bigger) Which kind of activities are going on there? (Are you listening music while working? Are you watching TV?) What kind of furniture do you have? (Are they white, beige, dark wood?) How many windows? (Light colors will allow sunlight to illuminate the room) All of these considerations are important. A color scheme can make or break your home office and how you feel in it .

The following 5 paint color schemes have been carefully selected by expert designers as they best represent a “modern” and eclectic work environment . It’s important to remember that these schemes are just suggestions, not strict rules. You can always mix and match different tones to create your own unique blend . 

Here are our top 5 picks:

1. Gold & Silver

This is the perfect choice for a room with lots of natural light . These colors are very fresh and modern , while being sophisticated at the same time. There are a lot of different tones you can use in order to create this scheme: from yellow-y gold to greyish silver. You can also mix both colors together if you want it a bit sparklier. This color palette is great especially if you have furniture made out of white, black or beige materials. For instance, these pieces will look elegant: an antique desk, a corner sofa, some tufted leather chairs, etc.

2. Black, Orange & Turquoise

Personally I am not usually fond of orange because I feel like it can make a room look cheap. But this combination of colors is harmonious and will work beautifully in an office with black or dark-wood furniture . You can also substitute the orange with red for a more intense color palette (which I personally like better). This scheme works best if your windows are facing north or west, so that it’s not too likely to get direct sunlight at any time during the day.

3. Green & White

This is an evergreen classic color palette for an office space . It’s very popular because it’s very neutral: you don’t need to worry about making mistakes! The green tones have a “calm” effect on people which will make working in this room almost magical …(granted that you purchased the right furniture items!) You can also choose to go for a lime green and use it in combination with yellow (tone down the green hues of the color palette by mixing them together).

4. Green & Yellow

Green is another great choice if you want a modern, calm interior design. It will definitely make you feel relaxed while pumping your creative juices ! This scheme works best in rooms with lots of windows facing north or east, so that there is plenty of indirect light coming through during day time. This will give you an overall bright look and feel to your home office . The same goes for the yellow spectrum: it’s a pretty powerful color which will warm up even more this particular scheme.

5. Light Blue & Purple

This color palette is the way to go if you want that “sophisticated” corporate look for your home office . It’s a bit more elegant and sophisticated than the previous one. The trick here is to use light blue tones differently from how they’re used in an ocean view room (blue hues are usually associated with ‘zen’ or calm environments, but this scheme uses them more for decoration). This combo works best in rooms with lots of windows which face east or north.

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