Top Mistakes Made When Painting Walls

Painting walls by yourself can often result in a less-than-perfect finish, especially if you are not an experienced house painter. At Ethereal Painters, we know that hiring a professional painter can help ensure that your interior house painting project is completed quickly and efficiently the first time around.

1. Not Cleaning

Before painting the walls in high traffic areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms where surfaces are constantly touched by hands, grease from cooking food and soap residue must be removed.

2. Not Repairing Walls to Match the Current Texture

If you decide to have the walls repaired, they may stand out from the rest of your room. However, this can be fixed by using a roller stipple when painting them while it’s drying and texture matching.

3. Not Priming

If you are going to make a big color change in your home, like switching from medium or dark colors to white ones, walls may require three coats of paint. Even if top brands such as Benjamin Moore Aura and Sherwin Williams Emerald are being used, problems can still arise with drastic changes in colour. Choosing primer rather than adding an extra coat saves money without sacrificing quality

4. Not Masking/Taping

When painting walls, it is important to mask off parts of the wall not being painted; this includes baseboards and door frames along with flooring. If you do not take these precautions, paint can splatter onto other areas that are nearby such as furniture or your floors which could require extensive cleaning efforts.

5. Not Sanding Between Coats

Sanding the walls between coats of paint can help ensure a proper finish. Sanding will remove any roller fluff stuck in the paint and uneven texture caused by rolling it onto the wall.

6. Not Waiting for Adequate Dry Time

After applying the first coat of paint, you should wait two to four hours before adding a second. If it’s necessary to use a third coat in order for your project look professional, you’ll have to save this until the following day when there is sunlight available again.

When it comes to painting, ensuring your space is perfect can be a lot of work. If you’re interested in one of our services or would like more information about the most common mistakes made when painting walls, contact Ethereal Painters¬† at ¬†604-788-3382 or fill out our estimate form on our website.