Trend Paint Colors For Your Home

So, what are the hot paint colors for this year?

Well, you can hardly go wrong with Benjamin Moore’s elegant “Cloud White”. It is a serene shade that lends itself to all types of interiors and exteriors. Another wonderful white is Sherwin Williams’ “Cotton Clouds.” The softness and glow exude warmth and comfort.

Benjamin Moore’s “Taupe Gray”, another popular off-black, is a neutral that reveals changes with the light in your room throughout the day. It is easy to live with and balances well in a palette of neutrals or when paired with brighter colors for contrast.

Sherwin Williams’ “Prairie Star” is a bold and vibrant blue that is both sophisticated and fun. It works beautifully with white trim, but can also get along nicely with yellow or grey too.

In the kitchen, Benjamin Moore’s “Harbor Blue” brings to mind summertime sailing adventures on clear blue waters. This beautiful shade will look lovely in a kitchen with white cabinets and light wood countertops.

Sherwin Williams’ “Zinc” is a clean and fresh shade that reminds one of the newly washed cars or freshly laundered clothes hung out to dry on a sunny summer day. It is sophisticated enough for formal areas, but can also find itself at home in a casual bedroom or family room.

When you are looking for furniture colors, remember that Benjamin Moore’s “Newburyport Green” makes the perfect backdrop for both outdoor and indoor decor. It is fresh, lovely, and classic.

Sherwin Williams’ “Minted” compliments all the shades of green- from sage to emerald and makes a lovely backdrop for indoor or outdoor living spaces.

And, finally, our final color of the year is Sherwin Williams’ “Lapis Blue.” It brings to mind deep water and tropical skies on vacation daydreams. It works wonderfully with neutrals or can be paired with pretty much any color for a stunning, bold result.

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