Unexpected Paint Colors For A Fool Proof Foyer

The goal of the foyer is to make it seem like guests are stepping into a different world when they enter your home. It’s the first thing that people see when they walk in and for that reason, it should be unique.         One way to go about achieving this task is by using unexpected paint colors. These unusual colors will make people focus on the room and not know what to expect next.

The idea of using these colors can be tiring, so you need to use them in small dabs so it’s not overwhelming. For example, paint one wall with an unexpected color but offset it with another neutral color like white or gray for the other walls. It’s the perfect way to be daring with your color choice without being too bold.

Not sure what colors are unexpected? Here are some examples of unique paint colors that are perfect for a foyer:

These paint colors are great for your walls but they can also be used on the ceiling or trim to make them pop even more. The key is not to go overboard with these unique colors, so limit their use to one wall and offset it with another neutral color like white or gray for the other walls. This will stop people from being overwhelmed with the color choice and you can have people focus on one wall instead.

Succeed in making your foyer unique by adding a punch of unexpected paint color to make it stand out for all the right reasons.

Now you know what colors to use when thinking about different paint colors, choose some perfect ones for your house! The  Ethereal Painters team can help you, just contact us for your free estimate at  604-788-3382 or fill out our estimate form on our website.