What Causes Paint Failure?

Ethereal Painters is a team that specializes in interior home painting. They understand how important it is to have your new paint applied and maintained correctly, but many people do not know what causes the failure of their current paint job at home. Ethereal  offers various services including exterior house painting and deck staining so you can rest assured knowing they are taking care of all aspects needed for an attractive looking finish on any element surrounding your property’s walls like front entryways or fence posts!

1. Moisture

One of the biggest factors that can cause paint to fail is moisture. Moist wood, stucco still wet and other moist surfaces may cause paint to decline as areas with water trapped behind it push off on surface. It is also important not waiting sufficient time between coats for painting increase dry times in air can lead into failure .

2. Inadequate Surface Preparation

Since painting surfaces that are inadequately prepared could lead to paint failure, it is important for homeowners to hire a professional painter who will take the time necessary before applying any paint. A professional would degrease and dust the area, sand chipping areas where moisture can get in through gaps in order prevent future problems with painted materials.

3. Improper Application of Paint

A professional painter can ensure that the paint being applied will adhere to industry standards and not fail. This includes ensuring a proper dry time is given before applying coats of additional paint, as well as making sure each coat is thick enough.

4. Wrong Choice of Paint

To ensure quality painting throughout your home, you should use the best paint for each space. For example, using wall paint on flooring or exterior may lead to failure and a need for repainting again in future years.

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