What Is The Best Paint Color For Dark Rooms

The room is your refuge. Your sanctuary. The place you go to escape the stresses of life and relax with a good book or your favorite show. But what happens when that peaceful haven becomes …well…a bore? Waking up each morning feeling like you are living in a cave can be depressing. So if your bedroom has gone from rejuvenating to depressing and you want something different, what’s the best paint color for dark rooms ? Well before you begin, remember this- light colors will make big spaces feel smaller and heavier paints will give small areas an even more cramped look. What you need is the right mix of lighting and color to balance comfort with style so that even when it’s time to get up and go to that dreaded day job, you’re still inspired to return home. So what is the best paint color for dark rooms ? Here are some of the most popular options in various price ranges:
  • First off, if low on funds but high on energy, try a splash of light yellow. Light yellow has never gotten a fair shake from designers because its too close to white but it can give any room a dose of modern zest without breaking the bank or requiring an entire overhaul. A pale butter shade like BEHR Premium Plus 035-70 Sagebrush will add brightness and keep your spirits high all winter long. Just remember not to overdo your basecoat or you’ll end up with a sad shade of `Beige’.
  • Another paint color for dark rooms that’s growing in popularity is a deep navy blue. This one may sound intimidating at first but the right shade will make you forget you’re living in a cave. Rich and warm, Navy makes small spaces feel cozy while large areas feel expansive. Try Behr Premium Plus Ultra SM 005-60 Midnight or Benjamin Moore Advance HC-144 Deep Ocean if your room can handle some drama without going overboard on the gloominess scale.
  • A cool blue like BEHR Premium Plus 025-70 Waterfront Sky is an alternative to Navy that has its own set of devotees. Sky blues look great with more contemporary furniture and striking wallpapers, but unless you’re on a super small budget, stick to one of the other colors if you can.
  • Be sure to look for low sheen options when picking your color. Extra virgin olive oil is technically better but it’s possible that your walls may have suffered from years of abuse and need a little tender love and care before they’ll up their natural shine potential again. Low or ultra-low sheens give wall color the most flexibility because they don’t force paint to perform like high-gloss finishes do.
  • Still undecided about what type of paint color for dark rooms , try this idea out: take 3 similar shades and arrange them in a triangle on your wall palette with an empty square in between. Choose one color for each triangle and ask friends to vote on their favorite. The colors that don’t get picked are your best choices for the room you want to paint.
  • If you’re just not feeling inspired by any of these paints, try a designer’s choice like Behr Premium Plus 098-50 Carmine Red or BEHR Superior 958-30 Seaglass Green . Or if you have a specific look in mind, go online and check out the latest looks and see what they recommend. There really is no better source than an interior design professional when it comes to finding the right paint color for dark rooms .
  • Once you decide on a color, be sure to keep these tips in mind:
  • If you want to reduce the cave like appearance of a dark room, go for light colors. These will help brighten up the space and keep it from looking so heavy. Pale yellow or buttery beige are good choices.
  • Wallpapering also works well in rooms with very little natural lighting. When using this method, paint only the trim of your walls white and leave the rest blank. It’s an inexpensive way to break up big areas without killing yourself trying to apply new paint over old drywall (which is almost impossible anyway).
  • If budget isn’t an issue when painting your dark rooms , consider going bold- with colors that reflect your personality as well as your outlook on life. A bright, happy violet can be just the thing to get you out of bed in the morning or a calm blue green that reminds you of the ocean will put your worries at ease as soon as you lay eyes on it.
  • Tile is another great way to add personality and depth to your room without having to paint anything! Consider going with colorful glass tiles for kitchen backsplashes or dark grout lines on white tile for busy industrial spaces (a particularly good look with black and tan couches).
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