What Order Should a Room be Painted In?

It’s important to organize your painting before you begin. If you know the order in which to paint a room, it will make things go quicker and cleaner and help you avoid mistakes.

But before we get into the specifics of how to paint a room, let’s talk about some general guidelines that apply to most rooms:

– When painting a room, start with the upper walls and work your way down.

– For rooms with multiple windows where trim will be painted, paint all of the window trim first before painting anything else.

– Switch to interior colors after you’ve finished painting the exterior of your home. This is especially important if you plan on selling your home or refinancing the mortgage.

– If you’re painting multiple rooms in one day, paint walls in ascending or descending order of height. For example, if you plan on painting two rooms, begin with the room that has the tallest walls (closest to the ceiling) before working on the shorter room. Also, a room that is a different size or shape from the other doesn’t mean you have to change your painting order. Just be sure you cover all surfaces in either room before moving on to the next one.

– In rooms with large furniture such as armoires and bookcases, paint those pieces before painting other surfaces in the same room.

– Don’t paint floors until after all of the walls are painted. It’s easier to keep track of your floor transitions when you’re working on just one wall at a time. Plus, if you have to remove furniture or other items from the room to allow for maximum coverage, it will be easier without having paint on everything in the room.

– If you’re painting over wallpaper and plan on using a roller or brush, do that before hanging new wallpaper.

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