What Paint Colors Help You Feel Calmer?

Whether you are looking for help with mood, stress, or anxiety, it is important to identify ways to create spaces in your home that bring refuge and peace. Exposure to certain colors has been known to have positive effects on the human body and mind. It may be surprising that color can be used as a tool for relieving oneself of common ailments such as depression. The right combination of paint colors can create an environment that promotes relaxation.

Color Psychology

Let’s start by exploring some general information regarding color psychology:

Red – This provides a sense of energy & sparks interest; however, too much red may cause tension & aggression

Yellow/Orange – These provide for feelings of warmth or happiness and stimulate mental activity

Green – These are considered to be very soothing and bring about feelings of contentment

Blue – These add a sense of calmness or trustworthiness; however, too much blue provides for feelings of sadness or depression

Purple/Violet – This has an energizing effect and is linked with positive emotions

Color Wheel for Calming Paint Colors

In order to choose paint colors that will help you feel calmer, it is necessary to create your own color wheel. One way this can be accomplished is by looking at the colors around you every day. See what affects each color has on your mood. Here’s an example: If you see red frequently, notice how your body responds when you do see red. Do you feel energized or agitated? This will help you pick paint colors that match your desired mood.

Calming Paint Color Combinations for Rooms

When creating a calming effect, the goal is to create an environment with low stimulation. Here are some examples of color combinations that promote a sense of calmness:

● Blue and yellow produce balance and promote feelings of tranquility

● Green and blue provide a peaceful energy; however, too much green may cause feelings of depression

● Orange and red give off a fiery, passionate feeling which can be very exciting in small doses but overwhelming if used excessively

Here are some ways to incorporate these ideas into your home:

● Use blues or greens in bedrooms

● Paint your living room with a combination of yellow and blue

● Use orange as an accent color in conjunction with blues and greens in bedrooms or bathrooms

Be aware that colors can be very subjective. Take the time to study, play around, and create your own color wheel. When choosing your calming paint colors, combine colors you like using these color combinations metaphorically. For example, if you would like a feeling of warmth – use reds & oranges together instead of just red alone; if you’d like to feel peaceful – use green and blue together instead of just green alone; for feelings of balance, mix up the three primary colors (red, yellow & blue); for passionate energy try mixing orange and red together.

The idea is to get creative and have fun with it. If you’re not feeling inspired, then try going outside for a while and observing your surroundings. Are there any colors that stand out? This can be helpful in developing an understanding of the color wheel and what each individual color provides.

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