What Paint is Best for Interior Trim?

Painting the interior trim of your home is much more complicated than most people realize. The materials are different and it’s in a part of the house that can be easily damaged, so picking out paint for this job isn’t as simple as just finding something similar to what you use on walls. For example: should I go with matte or glossy? Should I get an oil-based product or water-soluble? That’s why Ethereal Painters offers wonderful customer service when helping clients choose their paints!

The Best Paint for Interior Home Trim

In order to determine what kind of paint you should get for your trim, first decide on the colour and sheen. Then think about whether or not it was previously painted; if so then use this information to help guide which type of paint will work best with that surface.

If Oil Paint Was Used:

If you need to paint over trim that was previously coated in oil paint, it is important to follow a specific procedure. This includes degreasing and scuff sanding the surface before applying new coats of high adhesion paints like those offered by Ethereal Painters!

The best paint for oil-based surfaces and slow drying time, Our advance is a hybrid that works like both alkyd and water-based paints. Despite its strength as an option, it takes much longer to dry than either of the two leading types: latex or acrylics.

This water-based trim paint  has properties that make it perfect for painting ceilings and walls. It dries quickly, sticks well to oil paints, and is durable enough to last for years without peeling or chipping away from the wall.

If Latex Paint Was Used:

Latex paint is a popular choice for homeowners because of its durability and water resistance. It goes on easily, dries quickly, and can be used to coat surfaces without peeling or chipping even after years of use!

If latex paint was the first waterproof material that could retain color as well as strength then it would have been much more expensive than other types due to how rare those abilities are in such products at an early time period. This makes sense considering it has become one of the most common paints throughout history since many people prefer using different kinds but what if they had no option? Latex coats were very tempting when compared with standard oils which eventually made them cheaper despite being harder to apply initially though this didn’t last long.

If the Trim is Unpainted:

In situations where the trim has just been installed and is only primed, many painters will prefer to apply new paint using a sprayer. The reason for this choice being that if time is pressing then they can easily sand between coats with Sherwin Williams Pro Classic without causing damage or smudging. If not rushed however, Benjamin Moore Advance may be used as it dries slower and thus more manageable when applying multiple coats of paint in close succession.

If you would like to learn more about what paint is best for interior trim, or to find out about our painting services, please call 604-788-3382 the team at Ethereal Painters , or or fill out our estimate form.