What to Expect from Professional Painters

If you are looking for a good painter, these tips will help you…

To get a smooth finish on your walls and ceilings is one of the most important things from getting any painting job done. A professional painter who does an excellent job at smooth textures is in high demand. But there are ways to find this elusive professional. You can ask friends or family if they know anyone, or look through the yellow pages for painters in your area. Once you have a few names and telephone numbers, call each person and tell them what kind of work you need done. It’s also wise to let each contractor know that you want at least three written estimates before making up your mind. This gives everyone an equal chance without any possible pre-conceived notions.

What kind of project do you have?

The first thing you need to decide before using a painter is what kind of paint job you want done. It could be anything from one-coat latex house paint, or oil based exterior paints on wood that needs protection from the elements, or interior wall and ceiling textures, including eggshells and flat finishes. By letting them know exactly what you expect saves time in drawing up your contract. Many people don’t think about this step until they are faced with a completed project that doesn’t meet their expectations. The last thing you need is to start from scratch with another company!

If you have a chalk-finish or any other type of slab, be sure to go over the contract with him carefully in regards to the quality and thickness of each layer of paint. Although this is usually not an issue with professional painters because it’s reflected in their final price, smaller concerns who are trying to save every cent may try to stretch your dollar as far as possible by scrimping on materials and that could lead to problems later on. One way around this situation is writing out a detailed description of what it will take for them to do the job properly using terms such as first class materials and two coats instead of one. This way you can rest assured knowing they stand behind their work without having to keep checking up on them.

Shop around

Once you’ve selected your painters, have each one put his estimate into writing down to every detail: materials used, how many coats, if any priming is required, and what type of finish you desire. This lets everyone know up front just what they are getting into. It also gives you time to contact the Better Business Bureau for a word on their reputation. You can also have each estimate checked by your local consumer affairs office . Chances are at least one of these groups will give an insight into the individual’s reputation.

Keep in mind that the cost of painting doors is extra and must be included in your contract if such work is required. Be cautious about letting him paint window frames as it would probably entail removing them to spray each side; a time consuming process that could lead to other unforeseen complications when replacing them later on. Another thing not generally covered by most painters is altering doorways or special size openings. In other words, if you have new cabinets installed or need the opening enlarged for new ones, he may charge more than originally quoted. Be sure to get quotes from several companies before making your decision to cover this situation .


Make sure your contract states when the job is to be started and completed by, as well as any other details that both parties agree on at the time of signing. Such things include if he will provide all labor, paint only or both paint and labor; what type of prep work is needed (including sanding or scraping) and how many coats are preferred. You will also need to decide whether you want him to do repairs such as filling nail holes once the walls have been prepared properly; remove wallpaper and match existing texture, repair cracks in plaster using drywall compound before painting over them, etc. If it’s agreed that he’ll sand down old surfaces for a smooth finish, be sure your written agreement states whether he will want 2, 3 or even 4 coats of primer on wood and how many layers of paint you expect.

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