Whites & Bright Neutrals: The Trending Paint Colours For 2021

Painting is a great way to change up your personal space. You can experiment with colours, patterns, and texture to suit your taste or seasonal needs. Painting gives you the chance to start fresh in any room of the house!

White and bright neutrals are expected to be the paint colours of choice for homeowners in 2021. The reason why? Because these simple tones offer a clean, classic look that’s easy on the eye while helping you modernize any room. Learn more about this trend below!

The Benefits of White Walls

If you want to make your room feel bigger, choose white walls. White paint reflects light so it makes rooms brighter and look larger than they actually are by visually expanding the space. You can also use color on furniture or accessories like painting a wall with one color while having other pieces in contrasting colors for more interest without taking up additional floor space.

How to Style White Walls

When it comes to white walls, there are two things that people have in mind: the color of paint and what you should put on them. The most popular way is to simply leave your room empty with a single coat of crisp clean white paint without any patterns or pictures at all. However, for more artistic types who like embellishing their home with interesting objects can try painting an accent wall instead – something that will make the entire space pop! To help get you started when styling some fresh new white walls we’ve gathered together our top tips from interior designers around world so read on if this sounds good enough…

When it comes to decorating living spaces using only whites such as a bedroom , kitchen, bathroom etc., there are several considerations one.

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