Why Summer Is The Best Time Of Year To Paint Your Home’s Exterior


For homeowners, summer is a time for vacations and outdoor activities. It’s hardly a season to be spending your weekends painting your exterior walls. So why bother? If you’re planning on selling in the near future, now is actually a perfect time for you to paint your exterior walls. Here are five good reasons why:

1) It’s the perfect time to catch buyers’ attention

Since summer is a season for people to be going on vacations and spending time outside, they will likely start looking at houses that they can move into. That means a good portion of your potential buyer pool would be busy during the fall and winter seasons. Painting your home in full color now will make sure that your house stands out among all the other homes that are currently for sale.

2) Freshening up the paint job increases home value

Painting doesn’t just make your walls look better; it also protects them. By making sure your exterior is fully painted, you’re not only protecting your investment but increasing its value as well.

3) The summer sun makes colors pop

When the weather is hot, people spend a lot of time in their backyards and swimming pools. Imagine how great your home’s exterior walls would look with a nice coat of paint on them. You don’t have to do it yourself either; you can hire painters from companies like Ethereal Painters to help you paint your exterior walls.

4) It’s the best time to avoid bad weather

By painting in summer, you can be sure to avoid any problems with bad weather. There is no guarantee that it won’t rain during the fall and winter seasons, but based on recent years’ patterns, there is a higher chance of rainfall during those two seasons. If you also paint when there is little or no wind, your walls will be protected from any possible damage.

5) It’s the cheapest time to paint

It may seem obvious that the best time to do anything is in summer because of all the great weather that it brings. This includes painting your house’s exterior! While it’s true that you might have to shell out some money for the paint job itself, summer is still the cheapest time of year to paint. That’s because most painters offer discounts during this season so they can catch up with their workload.

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