Why You Absolutely Need One Black Painted Wall


  Painting one wall in your home black is thought to be the last thing you would want to do, or even think about for that matter. You may think it won’t go with your decorating style or may clash with any other color on the surrounding walls. Today’s article will tell you why painting just one of your room’s walls black is one of the best things you can do to improve your home decor.

One common reason that people are reluctant to paint an entire wall black is that they think it will be too hard to match the surrounding room’s color scheme. The fact is, however, there are many different styles of decorating with black walls as a backdrop, each one of them using different colors surrounding the black wall. To prove this point, we have compiled a list of rooms with examples of decor styles that would look great against a single black wall.

Minimalist Decor: The most popular example of minimalist decor is Japanese style design. In Japan, white walls are considered to be a very welcoming and serene color. However, even though it’s considered inviting if you have one white wall in the middle of the room with nothing else on it, there is a good chance that your room will seem unfinished or empty. By using one black wall as a backdrop instead, you are adding depth to the room because black is usually seen as an “anchor” color.

The Zen bedroom above uses all white furniture and decor, but the black wall adds contrast which makes the room seem more serene. Black is used as an accent to this Japanese minimalism-styled room, not a focal point.

Glamour Decor: This style of decorating focuses on rich colors and luxurious patterns. Although it may seem like a room with one black wall would be too dark, most glamour decor rooms usually include many light-colored elements such as white bedding and furniture. The romance bedroom above uses lots of gold accents to give the room an elegant appearance.

Glamour decors can be very expensive and can be very challenging to match, but with a black wall as a backdrop, the room’s luxurious appearance is more easily achieved. Black is usually seen as a “high-class” color so using it as a backdrop in glamour decorating makes your room seem more posh and elegant.

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