How to Properly Paint a Home’s Exterior

At Vancouver Painters, we follow a strict exterior painting process that begins with the preparation of your home’s exterior. This includes scraping any loose paint and giving it an ample amount of time to dry before applying new coats. We use high-quality paints for your job because they offer better coverage than their cheaper alternatives do!

The output does not repeat any information from the input directly but summarizes what happens at each step in order instead focusing on one specific point about how important quality is when choosing materials:

1. Clean the Exterior

A professional painter will take the time to thoroughly clean any areas that are going to be painted before painting your home. The substrate on the outside of your house determines if they should pressure wash or hand wash it first. Houses with a stucco finish can usually have them power washed, while older homes and those made using certain types of wood need to manually cleaned by professionals instead.

2. Repair Damaged Surfaces

If you need carpentry work done, like repairing a section of your home’s exterior wall that is rotten or damaged, then they’ll bring in someone to assess the situation and give them advice on how best to proceed. You will be charged an additional fee for these services though.

3. Remove Loose Paint

Professional exterior painters will sand down the edges of peeling paint until it can’t be peeled off anymore.

4. Caulk Trim

To prevent the moisture from seeping into your house, professional painters will caulk any areas where vertical and horizontal trim meet. If there are other places that water can get in they will also be caulked for extra protection.

5. Prime and Paint the Exterior

Before painting the home, it’s crucial to ensure that all bare wood and metals are primed in order to prevent any adhesion issues. The glossy surfaces on homes’ exterior will also often be primed before applying paint. After priming is complete, two coats of a high gloss spray paint would usually suffice for beautiful results!

6. Paint Trim and Doors

A professional painter will either hand paint or spray paint the trim and doors depending on the size of your home. In most cases, trim and doors are painted using a brush and roller but larger homes with a lot of architectural trim may be sprayed by professionals.

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