North Vancouver Painters

North Vancouver Painters

Professional Residential Painter (1)If you are looking for a professional painting service in Vancouver and North Vancouver, look no further. We strive to be the best North Vancouver Painters on the market. We proudly service Vancouver and Greater Vancouver areas to provide professional painting services to local residents. Whether you have a home in North Vancouver you’d like us to paint, or a commercial property, we will do an excellent job for you. Our services include residential, commercial, interior and exterior painting.  Get your free quote today!

Ethereal Painters is your full-service painting company and contractor specializing in interior and exterior painting serving the Vancouver and North Vancouver area. As third generation professional painters, our family has been painting residential and commercial properties as taught through the skilled craftsmanship of our grandfathers. In 2009, Ethereal Painters was formally established to serve the Lower Mainland. 

The Best North Vancouver Painters

Painting is not simply about putting paint on walls. It involves researching the best material for your home and preparing the space to be painted so that it looks its very best once completed. This means knowing whether or not your home requires primer. It also means making sure all of your window coverings will remain in place while the interior gets painted so you don’t have any unfortunate mishaps with newly painted furniture and newly painted floors before they’ve had a chance to fully dry. It can seem like a lot of work, but residential painting companies such as Ethereal Painters can help you determine which paints are best for your home, the preparation work that needs to be done, and all of the other preparations that need to take place before professional painting begins.

As well as knowing what goes into making your home look beautiful, it’s also important to know and trust your local painter in North Vancouver so you can find one who is experienced enough to do a good job at a fair price. If you hire a painting contractor who isn’t familiar with how your type of house should be painted or if they don’t have experience working with your color scheme, the finished product may not turn out looking like you had hoped. This is why employing reputable professional painting services such as Ethereal Painters is important when it comes time for your household painting project.

Painting Service Contractors in North Vancouver

painting contractorAnother important aspect in hiring the right contractor is finding one who is professional. This means they show up on time and clean up after themselves before leaving each day, as well as wearing professional work clothes that protect them from spilled paint. It also means that they follow city by laws and local regulations so you can rest assured knowing that your home is in good hands while the professionals are painting it for you. And of course, it also means getting a professional painter’s estimate so you don’t feel like you’re being taken advantage of or overcharged for the job.

Hiring The Best Professional North Vancouver Painters

Hiring the right professional painters makes all the difference when it comes to making sure your home looks beautiful once they’re done! At Ethereal Painters , we take pride in providing professional residential painting services to North Vancouver residents. Give us a call today to schedule your free evaluation!


Our Services

Residential Exterior House Painting

Residential Exterior House Painting

You don’t get a second change for first impression. Be it for real estate purposes, facelift for your home, Ethereal painters will flip the exterior paint into a professional, dashing first impression paint job.

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

Whether your business painting project is simple or complex, rest assured our team of expert Vancouver painters will help you create a local presence that others will take notice of!

Residential Interiors

Residential Interiors

Whether you just want to freshen up your interiors, a completely new look or add an awesome accent wall, color can affordably bring out the beauty in your interiors.

North Vancouver Painters


Voted Best in Vancouver

We’ve been honored to be voted “Best of 2016 Vancouver” as well as “Best of Trusted Pros 2015 and 2018”  from all the local painters in Vancouver. This means you can be confident you are getting reputable services by a Vancouver painting company with excellent standards for your project. Our highly skilled vancouver painters are truly some of the most trusted in the industry.

What Our Clients Say

Why Ethereal Painters ?

Affordable Prices

Our innovative techniques, specialized and general painting products as well as skilled painters, ensures that our prices are affordable and cheap for all our clients. We are very confident that our pricing will leave both our old and new clients completely satisfied.

Superior Craftsmanship

We are the best not because we are better than the rest but because our passion for painting, our professionalism and quality of painting makes our craftsmanship non-comparable.

Trusted Services

Trust our Award-Winning team of contractors and painters, for your privacy, timely project delivery and a perfect paint job.

Budget Painting in North Vancouver, West Vancouver & Whistler

The North Shore is a beautiful area. There are many nice homes and also old homes that have been updated in North Vancouver. If you need to improve your home’s appearance, one way to do that is call painters in North Vancouver. We provide high quality painting services in North Vancouver with the use of quality paint and materials. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we will work hard to make sure the job is done well for your house painting in North Vancouver or West Vancouver. If you want quality paint jobs completed in a timely fashion, then call Ethereal Painters north vancouver to complete your projects in  North vancouver or West Vancouver. Our painters in North Vancouver would love to help you with your upcoming residential or commercial painting job!

Do you have a commercial painting projects you need done on the North Shore? Ethereal Painters in north vancouver can help. We specialize in residential and commercial painting North Vancouver. Call us today for your free residential and commercial painting quote. We were voted the best painters in Vancouver, and top-notch quality for an affordable price is what we guarantee. Check out a few of the services we offer below:

Residential Painting 

We provide interior and exterior residential painting in North Vancouver and West Vancouver.  Residential painting has grown in popularity over the years as people are now more aware of the benefits. Home painting can help to protect your home from weather elements, insects and harmful pollutants that would otherwise cause damage to the structure. Residential and commercial  painting is also a good investment – you have a better chance of recouping on your costs if you have recently sold or are about to sell your house for this reason.

Are you looking at selling your home anytime soon? Are you a new home buyer? In either case, if you are looking to achieve a new feel for your family home, or residential property in North Vancouver BC, we can help you get there. Residential painting in North Vancouver is a service that we provide. Residential painters have the knowledge and experience necessary to undertake any job, no matter how big or small. Residential painting can be an expensive venture if you are not familiar with choosing the right house painter. We will ensure that you get your money’s worth for whichever service we are providing for you

We’re here for you, that means we want to make sure your home painting projects will go smoothly. We are committed to providing high quality residential painting services in North Vancouver BC that will leave all of our customers satisfied. You’ll be working with a house painter who has an open communication style. We respond quickly and let you know what is expected of you throughout the residential painting process.

Our reputation is important to us, therefore we take great care to ensure all our Vancouver painters we send out are dependable, trustworthy and professional house painters. We also take accurate measurements before each residential painting job so we can minimize costs if anything changes mid-project! Give us a call today at 604-505-2745 or fill out our free estimate form.

Exterior House Painting 

We specialize in exterior residential painting services and interior painting services in North Vancouver. Our exterior house painters offers exterior residential painting services in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, White Rock and Langley, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Downtown, the West Side and many other places surrounding Greater Vancouver. We provide exterior residential painting services (and interior painting) at exceptionally high quality standards and stand behind our work 100%. We’ve been in business for many years because we’re committed to providing the best exterior residential painting service and exterior paint jobs available!We are proud of all exterior residential painting projects we have done, from residential to commercial jobs.

As exterior house painters you can trust – we take pride in a job well done from start to finish! We realize that exterior home painting is not only a big investment for customers but also an important project. That’s why we deliver professional exterior residential painting at competitive prices. Our exterior residential painting professionals offer the best exterior paint jobs because they take their time preparing before our exterior house painters begins each exterior home project with high quality paints and equipment. If you want your North Vancouver BC home exterior painted by professionals call us today at 604-505-2745 or fill out our free estimate form!

Interior House Painting

Interior painting is the most popular service in BC and we offer a range of interior painting services for both residential homes, commercial buildings, business offices and industrial warehouses. We are proud to be one of the best painters Vancouver has to offer especially when it comes to our interior painters. Our skilled Vancouver professional painters provide professional results that will leave you amazed and satisfied with their work. Our interior painters are highly qualified and trained in all things paint including oil paints, water based paints acrylic paints, epoxy paints & enamels leaving them ready for any project that they take on. Our Interior painters have been serving North Vancouver BC & all surrounding areas for decades.

North Vancouver BC

You’re buying a house for the first time in North Vancouver BC, and you’ve decided that painting it yourself would be a great to save on labour costs. North Vancouver BC offers endless beautiful scenery and home options, but also has its fair share of local rules and regulations around paint colours.

In north vancouver bc, homeowners are required by law to use low-VOC paints or stains (volatile organic compounds) in order to meet environmental standards. Paint containing high leve ls of VOC’s can contaminate your indoor air, which is especially dangerous for children and people with respiratory problems. Applying low-VOC paints or stains will ensure the livability of your north vancouver bc home.

The benefit to you is that you save money on hiring someone else to do the painting north vancouver. VOCs can lead to increased health problems such as asthma, cancer, reduced quality of life and central nervous system damage. Due to this north vancouver BC regulation homes with outside walls painted red will have their paint removed and replaced with a compliant product at the owner’s expense.

The north vancouver bc painting code also prohibits certain exterior colours, such as red or green roofs and orange or yellow siding. White is the best north vancouver BC colour for roofs and black is recommended for sidings.

Best north vancouver BC house paint colours include: light blue, cream, grey, beige. Best north vancouver BC exterior colours include: white, black, grey.

Your best north vancouver bc paint colour options are endless! For more information on north vancouver BC house painting regulations and north vancouver bc exterior colour schemes contact your local north vancouver BC government office or north vancouver bc paint supply store


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