Residential Exteriors

You don’t get a second change for first impression. Be it for real estate purposes, facelift for your home, Ethereal Painters will flip the exterior paint into a professional, dashing first impression paint job.

Real estate developers and house renovators know they will get the value of investment quickly if the paint job is done correctly which quickens the sale of the property.

Exterior Appeal

Whether you are consciously aware or not, the first thing you notice about the structure of a building is it’s paintwork; not the size, not the design but the colors and patterns that define the structure and it’s details. Most architectural features would not be noticed if it weren’t for the paintwork. It can also achieve the opposite effect by hiding the less attractive design aspects without going into highly expensive structural changes.


This is especially so regarding the exterior of your home, from the framing of your windows, creating an inviting and welcoming front door & entrance, stairs, railings… you get the idea.

All these areas add to the character and impression of your home’s curb appeal and initial impression of any commercial, business or retail building. The painting quality actually paints a picture of you as an individual, family or business.

It is therefore highly important as a home owner or commercial property owner  to ensure that the paintwork, both exterior and interior, are done well and maintained regularly.