5 Best Home Gym Colors

Decorate your home gym

To decorate your home gym, start by choosing a paint color. Red is the best choice because it’s associated with strength and resilience- making you feel motivated to work out early in the morning or after having had a long day at work. If painting all of your walls red feels too bold for you, consider adding just one as an accent wall instead! A warm red would be nice since it matches well with silver/black equipment that can often take up space in this room.

Now that all of the equipment is out of the boxes and set up, it’s time to start thinking about color. Home gyms have a tendency to become a little bland over time so consider adding some color once everything else is in order.

Here are 5 best home gym colors:

1) Warm Tones – Use warm tones as your home gym color scheme. These will make the room feel more comfortable and cozy, as if you are working out in a friend’s living room instead of a garage or basement.

2) Black – The use of black makes a bold statement and can also help create an element of surprise when it is used as an accent color alongside another tone.

3) Gray – For those who want to use a calm, serene color scheme that is calming and modern, keep everything very neutral with gray as your primary home gym color.

4) Purple – A more unique choice, purple offers a lot of variety and the ability to choose varying shades. This can be comforting for some and overwhelming for others, but purple is a lovely color that can really stand out in your home gym.

5) Green – Another unique choice, green is great for those who want to create a theme of life and health by using organic colors as their home gym color scheme. This color also works well as an accent.


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