5 Best Home Gym Colors

The market is flooded with different colors and models of exercise machines. You may be confused with what color to choose for your home gym equipment. In this article, I will discuss the top 5 best colors for your home gym equipment:

1. Black

The black color can make you feel like a king. It is elegant and powerful. A pair of tight-fit pants in black color is perfect when matched up with a white shirt and a pair of black athletic shoes or sneakers that have been recently polished. It also creates the illusion that you are leaner than you really are, if you are overweight! It has a psychological effect on everybody around you as well. They will respect you because they think that since you look good, you must be a powerful person.

Black is the perfect color for any kind of equipment, especially treadmills and exercise bikes. Look at how they are actually built to last. There would be very few things that can still break once it already looks so good. Black creates the impression of fitness, power, and style that one can never go wrong with using this color if he or she wants to create the ultimate home gym atmosphere: sleek, elegant, powerful, minimalistic.

2. Red

Red is considered as a strong and passionate color that signifies strength and willpower when manifested in people who wear red clothing or use red accessories such as purses or shoes in their home gyms! So what makes red another great choice for a good gym color scheme?

First of all, red creates the impression that a person is working hard. It will make you feel like you are already in shape when you work out on your home gym equipment while wearing red. You can actually ‘feel’ how hard you exert more energy to have an effective workout because it makes you feel as if something unusual is happening when using it.

Red also has its symbolic meaning – fire and aggression. If this does not make any sense to you, let me just tell you this: Have you ever seen or read about Bruce Lee? He was known for his outstanding martial arts skills and techniques that made him win several competitions even against bigger opponents. Just thinking about him makes people imagine a young man with bulging muscles wearing red. Red is the color of fire and aggression – both are traits that we want to be associated with when working out!

Choose this for treadmills, exercise bikes, weight lifting equipment, ellipticals and other cardiovascular machines.

3. White

White may seem like a boring color but there are several great reasons why you should choose it as one of your home gym colors: First of all, white has an association with cleanliness and purity. People will think that they can get the same results by having a pure body without using any illegal substances or steroids if they use many pieces of home gym equipment in white while working out on it. It also makes you feel cleaner after getting sweaty from your workout because not only does it keep your equipment clean, it also keeps you feeling and looking good while working out.

White is a great choice for the following home gym equipment: dumbbells, stationary bikes, vertical knee raise machines and other weight lifting exercises.

4. Gray

Gray can be described as an ‘in-between’ color of black and white – which are two colors that I mentioned earlier. It is not too aggressive like red but neither does it have the same relaxing feel when worked out on white or black gym equipment. If you want to create an impression that you are in control, that you are relaxed yet motivated to work hard then gray will do just fine! Also, if you want your home gym to look elegant with a strong touch of masculinity and femininity, choose gray!

5. Blue

Blue is a great color choice for home gyms because it can make your workout into a party even if you are alone! It has been proven that people tend to do more work and be more motivated to move their body when they are exposed to blue or any other colors that make them feel happy (have you ever noticed how items in the house often come in different shades of blue? Yes, that is not coincidence). You will have a happier life at home when you use this color as one of the best gym colors. Also, you get the impression that sweat doesn’t matter because it only makes you look good after your workout! Choose this color for stationary bikes, bicycles, upper body equipment and other cardiovascular machines.

Choose the best gym colors that match your personality and lifestyle! Make sure to get a home gym that has the color scheme that will make you want to work out more often. You would not believe how much of an increase in fitness results you’ll have if you will just add working out on your home gym to your everyday activities such as watching television, reading or doing daily chores! Just don’t forget to wear clothes or accessories in matching colors when you go working out. 

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