Add A Rich Indigo Color To Any Space

Indigo is a color with a ton of history behind it. Back in the day, plant extracts were used to create indigo dye; this was considered as coveted commodity and represented luxury items for Europeans. Gorgeous batik fabrics colored by these dyes are still seen today in tie-dye patterns, shibori techniques inspired from ancient times, ikat designs on fabric or woven textiles like denim cloths.


Indigo is a powerful color that lies between blue and violet on the color spectrum. It can be both dark and bright at the same time, but despite its darkness it’s extremely versatile!

For interiors, indigo walls can create a dark and cozy bedroom with a special energy depending on the shade you choose. A darker indigo is more formal and elegant while lighter shades brings calmness to your space. You can add texture by bringing in beautiful fabrics popping with color as well!

If you’re looking for a rich color to use on your exterior, indigo is the way to go. It pairs well with classic white trim and acts like more of an accent than anything else.


The color indigo is a great choice because it goes well with many other colors. It can be paired up in several different ways, and we’re here to show you just some of them!
The most common pairing for the versatile color indigo are dark neutrals like brown or black. If that doesn’t sound appealing though maybe something more vibrant would work better? When combined with bright magenta, an electric shade of pink pops into view which gives off rich vibes perfect for any decorating scheme. For those who have always wanted their room to look regal why not try out gold instead? This deep tone pairs perfectly next to this bold hue creating an elegant atmosphere similar what one might feel inside Buckingham Palace’s ballroom on formal.Here are a few of our favorite combinations:

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