How to Make Your House Look Less Cluttered

Remove things that clutter your space. 

You can donate to charity or throw them away if they are broken, out-dated, useless, etc. When you throw them away be careful not to use too much plastic garbage bags or containers and try to recycle the remainder as much as possible. If you have a lot of dishes/dishes with chips around the edges remove those first before calling in the plumber to fix it; he will tell you how to properly dispose of them for free (my mom calls him whenever we break our plates she thinks they are beyond repair).

 Keep only what really matters!

This is one of my favorite points because people just tend to collect everything. Be practical in what you keep! Do you really need that old phone charger? Does anyone even use it? If not, don’t keep it.

Keep things where they go. 

This is a big one because when people don’t know where to put something they just throw it somewhere and then more stuff gets piled on top of it. When you get new things make sure to put them away in their proper places so you can easily find them next time.

If you have a lot of clothes or shoes maybe some drawers would be good for you;  you could buy small ones at Walmart if your room doesn’t have any free drawers; otherwise there are a few DIY ways – try google searching for “Diy drawers”.

The next time you go to an antique store, try looking for neat old trunks/boxes and see if they would fit your needs. They are usually very cheap pieces (but make sure the lid closes well).

Try using smaller containers like jars or small boxes for things like cotton balls, pencils, etc.

For example the toothpaste in most people’s bathrooms ends up being a big mess because it is just sitting on the counter in one big tube; instead use a little jar that can close properly and then place it inside of another container that has a lid so you don’t have to clean around it every time you want to open it. The same concept can be applied to almost anything! Just guess what, that’s what this paragraph is all about!

Use under-bed storage boxes. 

These can be found in most stores for fairly cheap and they are really useful if you have a lot of things to store; although you need to make sure any bed frame or box doesn’t stick out from the sides of your mattress too much because it might hurt you when you lie down (I don’t know how I’ve never broken a bone doing this). In fact there are many DIY ideas on how to make these at home using shoeboxes with lids; just try searching “DIY under-bed storage” on google – the image results might give you some idea(s) or inspiration.

There are also some good under-bed storage boxes you can find on . 

Use clothes hangers with big hooks

It will allow space for a lot of your things on the rods (you could use two or one in front to hang more stuff). For example if you have a few scarves, try putting them all on one big hook and then hanging that hook separately, this is also great because it allows air circulation.

If you have bookshelves try using sections  instead of keeping all the books in one big pile

 (make sure they are all organized so they look nice); sections can be useful for organizing any type of things from small objects like pens/pencils to bigger ones including paint cans, blankets etc.

It’s a good idea to label your containers (especially if you have boxes inside of boxes).

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