Painted Brick Modernized My Masonry

Having a house built in the late 1960s, it had been updated over time. But like so many homes from that era are still behind the times because they lack any personalization or color on their exterior design elements. I wanted my home to feel more ours with some changes we made as our family grew but couldn’t justify going big for something cosmetic when there were other things such as updating bedrooms and changing light fixtures and painting brick!

With just the first coat, I was amazed by the instant transformation

After four years of waiting, we finally made the plunge and paiid for our dream. The decision wasn’t taken lightly though; there were many questions that swirled in my head such as “will it last?” or even more importantly… “is this worth spending money on?” But every day when I returned home from work those doubts would quickly dissipate into nothing but sheer joy because now everything matches just how you like it! It feels amazing knowing not only do all parts match well together—but also have some personality with their own unique color scheme too!!

It was hard to pick a color for our house. We wanted something that would last, but I couldn’t decide on anything so we went with Sherwin-Williams’ Color Consultant who helped us by listening and looking at styles that matched what my husband liked best in his workplace or home decorating style as well. She picked three shades within an hour of being there! We also were recommended Sherwin-Williams’ Loxon XP for the brick, which is ideal for paint that you really want to hold up, especially in harsh weather conditions.

It was the best feeling in the world when they finished. I couldn’t have done it without them, and my house looks amazing! We’ve had tons of compliments on how refreshed our home looked from all these new paint jobs that give it such bright colors even though some people say brick doesn’t show well with regular paints or anything like that. It really made me smile knowing just what kind of difference paint can make.”


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