Tips for Touch-ups

You’re in the middle of painting your walls when you notice some scuff marks. It doesn’t take long for this type of thing to happen, so be prepared with these tips on how best to handle touch-ups!
A little elbow grease will do wonders – just use a damp towel or cotton ball that’s been lightly dusted with flour (to remove any excess paint). Rub gently over each mark until it disappears; another option is using nail polish remover instead if necessary–it may require more than one application but most stains come right off after scrubbing.

If a wall needs some touching up, don’t just fix it with paint! It will look terrible in no time if you only use the same color as before. The best way to disguise this mess of oversight is by using light colors and medium shades on top – these make for great ceilings or floors where there was once old white trimming; dark colors like black go well with vintage furniture too.

There’s nothing worse than wall paint that has been scratched or chipped by furniture. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are some tips for touch-ups:

1) Get out the toothbrush – Use an artist brush and go over every inch carefully, paying attention both vertically as well as horizontally across your entire surface area of concern

2). The spilled peanut butter technique – applied at night time when things have calmed down enough so no one will notice what appears on their walls after morning light comes streaming through

3). Watercolor painting in reverse

4). A heavy duty dull chenille cloth

5 ). Removing all traces ( Spills )

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